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The Vein Center at AMI

Do you experience aching, swelling, heaviness or fatigue in your legs? Do you suffer from unsightly spider or varicose veins? Do you cover your legs in long pants or skirts when everyone else is in shorts? You are not alone.

Venous reflux disease afflicts an estimated 20-25 million people in the United States. The Vein Center at Atlantic Medical Imaging (AMI) is committed to alleviating the symptoms of venous disease and obtaining the best possible cosmetic results.

What is Venous Disease?

Venous disease refers to varicose veins, spider veins and all conditions caused by diseased or abnormal veins. If the valves inside your veins become damaged, the valves may not close completely, allowing blood to leak backward or flow in both directions. Mild venous disease is usually not a problem for patients. In more severe cases, venous disease can lead to eczema, pigmentation discoloring, ulceration and bleeding.

Who is at risk for Venous Disease?

"Factors that can contribute to varicose veins and other forms of venous disease are hormone therapy, heredity, obesity, pregnancy and age,” said Dr. Michael Schmidling of AMI. “Those who frequently engage in prolonged periods of immobility, sitting or standing are also at a higher risk for developing the disease."

How does The Vein Center at AMI combat Venous Disease?

The Vein Center team frees patients from the pain, discomfort and embarrassment caused by varicose and spider veins. Board-certified radiologists with specialized training in vascular and interventional radiology perform low-risk, minimally-invasive therapies that treat the entire spectrum of venous disease and restore a more youthful appearance.

"The treatment of varicose veins has evolved greatly in the past several years," said Dr. Rajesh Patel. "AMI offers easy, effective therapies that are fast, basically painless and done on an out-patient basis."

What is the first step?

The Vein Center at AMI offers complimentary screenings to patients wanting to learn more about their treatment options. The interventional radiology physicians will evaluate a patient’s particular vein condition during their first consultation, which includes a history, physical exam, and an ultrasound. This will enable the doctor to provide advice on how to best treat and manage a vein issue.

The Vein Center at Atlantic Medical Imaging is located at 44 E. Jimmie Leeds Road in Galloway and 219 North White Horse Pike in Hammonton. To schedule a free screening or obtain additional information, call (609) 652-6094.

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